Over 50 ride in Seattle’s second Cranksgiving

Over 50 people set out to explore some of Seattle’s many interesting and unique independent food sellers for Seattle’s Second Cranksgiving. Riders were given a list of items they were required to buy and a map of places to buy them from. At the end, all the items were donated to Rainier Valley Food Bank.

The day started under the threat of snow, according to weather forecasts, but it stayed dry and mostly sunny the whole time. There were definitely some numb fingers and toes, but overall it was a beautiful day to ride bikes and explore the city.

Fat Guy on a Bike was there, and he shot and edited together this video, which heavily features Sean Conroe from Alleycat Acres dressed as a chicken:

Riders were sent to Central Co-op’s Madison Market, then down to Pike Place Market where they were given the names of two produce stands. Some riders reported back that one of the produce vendors was leading riders astray, but most seemed to figure out his tricks. After the market, there was Uwajimaya and Hau Hau Market (which reportedly had very long lines). The ride also went up Beacon Hill to the Hilltop Red Apple, MacPherson’s (which has 4 lbs/$1 squash BTW) and Foulee Market. The last stop was Othello Public Market, which was supposed to have a produce stand that never actually showed up (many riders were able to find pasta and canned beans in the convenience store inside).

Congratulations to Holly, who was the first finished with all items and stores hit, and Chris, who hauled the most food, including many pounds of potatoes and carrots.

Big thanks to our sponsors:

I did not get many photos of the event, so please post links to yours in the comments. You can also add them to the Seattle By Bike Flickr pool.

Thanks everybody who came out for the ride! I had a blast putting it on, and we donated a whole lot of food (filled several large trashcan-sized containers!). Next year will be even better. Stay tuned!

Here’s the ride map:

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9 Responses to Over 50 ride in Seattle’s second Cranksgiving

  1. Tom says:

    Thanks for organizing this fun event Tom! I think that tiny black dot in the back of the field is me (playing frisbee).

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  3. Andres says:

    Othello Public Market was a nice addition this year; I’d never been on the Chief Sealth trail before.

    It was pretty disappointing to get to Genesee park with our haul of stuff and discover that everyone had left, though. No prizes, no food, no escort to the food bank. I’d recommend setting a deadline next year, so we’ll know to head straight to the food bank after a certain hour.

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      I’m sorry, Andres. That shouldn’t have happened. We’ll change the format next year to address this. Thanks for riding!

  4. Thanks for posting the vid! I hope people enjoy it. I’ll edit the next event into a shorter format. :-)

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  6. Holly says:

    Thanks again for the ride! It was so much fun, I love my new bag and I stopped into Caffe Delia this morning and her coffee is delicious. Next year, I’m shooting for the biggest haul – look out Chris! Here are some more pics: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2201932736884.2107420.1504302504&type=1&l=3370bdb2e8

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