Notes from the 2011 Seattle Bike Expo (with video)

With two floors packed with vendor booths, speakers and performers, the 2011 Seattle Bike Expo probably had something for everyone. I am not much of a gearhead, but there was plenty of stuff to keep me entertained, from awesome bamboo bicycles to Dutch-style bakfiets to children riding on unicycles.

I definitely over-snacked on strange performance gel and protein bar samples, which I do not recommend. Especially the strange double espresso performance goop I tried. Some things just did not need to be invented.

Here are a few highlights from the show:

These bamboo bicycles from Bamboosero were beautiful.

Did you know you can rent bucket bikes like this one from Dutch Bike Co in Ballard? That’s pretty awesome.

The Clean Republic crew showing off their electric front wheels (see our previous story).

From the classic bike show. Because you should never ride a bike that is younger than you are (I don’t).

Made in the old Essential Bakery kitchen in Fremont, Mad Fiber‘s unique take on a super lightweight bike wheel has been turning heads all over the country this year. I had the chance to hold one for the first time at the Expo. I think my shirt weighs more than their wheels.

And, of course, I couldn’t leave you without a video of kids on unicycles followed by world-class artistic bike riders. Enjoy!

For more from the Expo, here’s coverage from Josh at The Bicycle Story and Gene from Biking Bis (more here and here). And, of course, Bike Snob tears into Seattle’s bike snobbery. Did you go to the Expo? Share your thoughts below.

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7 Responses to Notes from the 2011 Seattle Bike Expo (with video)

  1. Steve A says:

    “Because you should never ride a bike that is younger than you are”

    Some of us would find that harder than you do, based on the youngster bikes in that photo.

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      It’s true that finding replacement parts gets more difficult the older you get. I feel bad for everyone born before the invention of lightweight steel frames…

      • Ross says:

        Hah, yeah. My first bike (and only bike, until about a week ago) was a 30+ year old heavy steel road bike. Over 30 pounds, no fenders or racks or anything fancy. My new bike is a Masi Rando and everyone kept asking me ‘why are you getting such a heavy bike’?

        Heavy? What are you talking about! Anything under 30 is light as a feather as far as I’m concerned.

        Can’t beat the look of a classic frame either.

  2. Kelli says:

    One of my favorite parts of the expo was getting there. I love discovering new bike paths, especially bizarre ones sandwiched by industry and forested cliffs.

    Also, I fell madly in love with local panniers made by Swift Industries. If you haven’t checked out these beautiful bags, you need to see them here

  3. daisy says:

    I like the bamboo frames but worry about the workers laying up the tubes and the finishers being exposed to highly toxic resin fumes and dust. The resin I have seen used is an EPA regulated VOC product that one must have a liscence to purchase here in the states. Then there is the sealent not sure what it is but probably just as toxic. The sustainability is great but how far does that sustainability go down the process.

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