Capitol Hill thief caught taking a bike, computer and beer – UPDATED

CHS reports that an alleged bike, computer and beverage thief was caught near Mercer and 16th Ave this morning:

An alert neighbor and Seattle Police teamed up Thursday morning to bust a man who had just grabbed a bike — and a beverage or two — from next door. Here’s an account sent around the neighborhood near St. Joe’s this morning and passed along to CHS:

[Neighbor 1] behind the alley from us on 19th had someone go thru their yard and take beer, coke, and went into their garage and took [Neighbor 1]’s bike. I guess he was thirsty doing his deed this morning. [Neighbor 2] heard something about 6:30a this morning and they alerted the police after noticing the bike was gone. He was caught shortly thereafter on 16th and Mercer with 2 bikes and some computer gear.

There may have been more than one suspect and break-in related to this incident. The story is still developing. But it’s always good to hear neighbors are looking out for each other’s bikes.

UPDATE 1:30PM – SPD released the following on the Blotter:

On February 10th, at approximately 5:10 AM, East Precinct officers responded to the 700 Block of 16th Avenue East on a report of a possible burglary.  An alert neighbor saw an unknown male standing on her property and scared him off.  The neighbor then alerted her neighbor to the fact that this suspicious man was in her yard.  That neighbor went to his garage and discovered he had some property missing, including a bicycle.  Approximately an hour later, an officer, who was still writing up the report from the initial burglary call a few blocks away,  observed a male matching the description with a bicycle in his possession.  The officer then contacted the suspect.  The victim responded to the location and positively identified the stolen bike.  The suspect was taken into custody.  Search incident to arrest, officers found in the suspect’s possession burglary tools, a stolen laptop, and drugs.  The 43 year old suspect was later booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Burglary, Possession of Stolen Property, VUCSA and outstanding warrants.

On a slightly related note, I am “babysitting” CHS this week while Justin is in Hawaii. He is, of course, still working on the site because he has severe separation anxiety. However, if you are on the Hill and see anything going down/interesting between now and Tuesday, drop me an email.

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