Stretch of Burke-Gilman near Gas Works closed for most of November

SDOT started work today on repairs to the Burke-Gilman Trail to fix a drainage issue that has been causing ponding near Meridian Ave. People on bikes will be detoured onto Northlake (be careful riding over the old railroad tracks).

From SDOT:

Crews from the Seattle Department of Transportation are beginning work today on a drainage problem by the Burke Gilman Trail, taking advantage of what is forecast to be a window of favorable weather.  They are working on a paved approach to the trail near Meridian Avenue North and North Northlake Way and expect to complete the work by November 17, weather permitting.

On-street parking on Northlake Way will be restricted in the work area. Drivers are advised to slow down and use caution.

A detour for bicyclists and pedestrians on the trail will be in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Bicyclists will be detoured east of Meridian North onto the roadway of North Northlake Way, merging with traffic, returning to the trail at Burke Avenue North. Pedestrians will be detoured from the trail at N 36th Street, near North Pacific Street, returning to the trail at Burke Avenue North.

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2 Responses to Stretch of Burke-Gilman near Gas Works closed for most of November

  1. jdg says:

    rode this way tonight just to check it out… really really bad.
    riders where confused, and most were jumping the barricades.
    and the ones who did figure out the detour where confused because you re-entered so quickly back to the BG!

    me and another cyclist almost got hit by a car — was trying to pass us, as he was just as annoyed with the detour as we were– as we singled and cross back to the BG

    please everyone be careful on this one!!!

  2. Ellie says:

    Brittany said she was majorly confused, ended up getting off her bike and walking around for a while before riding on some sort of pedestrian path.

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