Woman with golf club attacks biker on Eastlake

Following yesterday’s story about a driver who tried to attack a biker with a Taser in Northgate comes this report from Jonah at Seattle Crime:

In this most recent incident, a cyclist was riding north on Eastlake Ave E past Hamlin St around 6:30 p.m. on October 20t, and saw a woman standing next to a parked car on the street.

The woman was “acting weird” and “appeared to be using the car as a shield or barrier between her and the moving traffic,” according to a police report.

As the victim rode past the woman, she swung a golf club at the cyclist, striking him in the arm.

The woman never spoke a word during the attack, and calmly walked away after the incident.

The cyclist called police, but officers were unable to find the woman.

The cyclist was not seriously injured.

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3 Responses to Woman with golf club attacks biker on Eastlake

  1. subrookie says:

    There was a post in the cascade bike forum a few weeks ago about a woman matching this description on eastlake charging a cyclist and car. Probably the same person.

  2. Another good reason to wear a helmet I suppose. Maybe we should add full face shields and body armor to the required cyclist safety gear?

  3. I. Ponder says:

    I accidentally stumbled on this post. Me and another cyclist were attacked by this person about a month ago. I followed her and know where she lives. We called police 3 times and waited nearly an hour but they did not come. I’ve been waiting for her to attack and injure someone else. Please feel free to contact me about this.

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