Bike thieves target building owners, too

Capitol Hill Seattle got an email from the owner of the OddFellows building reporting that he and his wife had their bikes stolen in broad daylight from a car near Rancho Bravo:

I’m the owner of the OddFellows building, and both my and my wife’s mountain bikes were stolen from the back of my car earlier today in the parking lot behind Rancho Bravo.  It happened some time between 1pm and 4pm.

If anyone has seen someone with either my bike (large Black Santa Cruz Nomad w/ adjustable seat post) or my wife’s (blue hardtail bike, medium size), I would sure appreciate knowing about it.

At any rate, I thought it worth putting the news out there so people could be aware- this is a pretty bold theft of locked bikes from a car in broad daylight!


Ted Schroth

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