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After week of strong sales, Pronto plans first ever ride ‘free’ day

Pronto Cycle Share just had its strongest week of new membership sales since autumn October 2014, though the system still has more work to do to catch up to its 2015 membership levels. 124 people signed up during the system’s … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes of Pronto with the experts who make it all work

When you go to check out a Pronto Cycle Share bike, you probably only see the bikes and docks. You beep a bike with your key fob or swipe your credit card at a kiosk and a bike unlocks. You … Continue reading

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Pronto buyout is not only a good deal for Seattle, it’s the only choice that makes sense

Sustainability, access to healthy transportation choices, economic development, congestion reduction, innovation. Public bikes grow and support so many of Seattle’s goals and values as a city that it’s hard to believe we are even thinking about cutting modest losses and … Continue reading

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