Your moment of bike lane sweeper zen

I’m just gonna play this on a loop for the next 2 months.

Did I notice that SDOT’s tweet accompanying this video shortened the democratically-elected name “OK Broomer” to just “Broomer?” Yes I did. But so long as they keep sweeping the bike lanes, they can call it whatever they like.

This skinny bike lane sweeper was first planned in 2013 as the city started building out bike lanes with barriers, making them inaccessible to their existing street sweepers. It’s always wonderful to see it in action. My 4-year-old saw it a few weeks ago and was starstruck.

In non-sweeper news, I hope to have more short posts on the blog like this one as part of my effort to not put so much of my work straight onto Twitter. I welcome your feedback on this change.

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6 Responses to Your moment of bike lane sweeper zen

  1. peri hartman says:

    That’s great. Now, will they actually use it ? There are so many bike lanes that are accessible with wide sweepers, yet they seem to never be cleaned.

    And then, I’ve watched one sweeper go around the block 6 times, sweeping the same lane, but never sweeping the lane in adjacent blocks.

  2. Demian says:

    Love the video and good move to put it on your blog instead of Twitter

  3. Biker027461528492 says:

    Please do avoid twitter. Also quite enjoy the knowledge that there are ways to clean protected bike lanes!

  4. Joe Lurker says:

    The south side of Greenlake, along the pitch and putt golf course, on the newly expanded bike lanes. It’s always a mess in November and December.

  5. Russ Wiidruff says:


    What about all the bike lanes with dividers? Wilson Ave for example. This thing is too wide for all of those – which seem only get cleaned if a local resident is generous enough to volunteer.

  6. Phil Hoge says:

    As a broomer—er, boomer—I don’t do twitters much, so will be glad to see your posts here.

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