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Who local transportation organizations endorsed in the 2020 general election

Photo of two adults and a child wearing bike helmets while putting ballots in a drop box.Your ballot is either in the mail or has already arrived. If you are in King County, you can check your ballot’s status online here. The tracker now indicates whether it has been mailed or has been delivered, which is very cool. The deadline to register online is October 26, but you can also register anytime up to and including the day of the election if you go in-person (online is encouraged during the pandemic, though). Ballots must be postmarked by November 3 or delivered to a ballot drop box before 8 p.m. November 3.

Here’s a look at endorsements and recommendations from local transportation organizations, including The Urbanist (“U”), Washington Bikes (“WB”), Seattle Subway (“SUB”) and the Transit Riders Union (“TRU”). Visit their sites to read more about their decisions. Note that these orgs sometimes cover different areas. So sometimes a non-endorsement means they couldn’t decide, but sometimes it means they just aren’t covering that race or issue.


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9th Congressional District: Adam Smith — U

10th Congressional District: Beth Doglio — WB, U


Governor:  Jay Inslee — WB, U, SUB

Lt. Governor:  Marko Liias — WB, U, SUB

Secretary of State: Gael Tarleton — U

Treasurer: Mike Pellicciotti — U

Attorney General: Bob Ferguson — U

Commissioner of Public Lands:  Hilary Franz — WB, U

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Chris Reykdal — U


House LD 1, Pos. 2:  Shelley Kloba — WB

House LD2, Pos. 1:  Andrew Barkis — WB

Senate LD 3:  Andy Billig — WB

House LD 3, Pos. 1: Marcus Riccelli — WB

Senate LD 5: Ingrid Anderson — SUB, TRU

House LD 5, Pos. 1:  Bill Ramos — WB

House LD 10, Pos. 1:  Angie Homola — WB

Senate LD 11: Bob Hasegawa — U

House LD 11, Pos. 1: David Hackney — U, SUB, TRU

House LD 11, Pos. 2: Steve Bergquist — SUB

Senate LD 19:  Dean Takko — WB

House LD 20, Pos. 2:  Ed Orcutt — WB

House LD 22, Pos. 2: Jessica Bateman — U

Senate LD 23:  Christine Rolfes — WB

House LD 24, Pos. 1:  Mike Chapman — WB

House LD 27, Pos. 2:  Jake Fey — WB

Senate LD 28:  T’wina Nobles — WB, U, SUB, TRU

House LD 29, Pos. 1: Melanie Morgan — U

House LD 32, Pos. 1: Cindy Ryu — U | Shirley Sutton — SUB

House LD 32, Pos. 2: Lauren Davis — SUB

House LD 34, Pos. 2: Joe Fitzgibbon — WB, U, SUB

House LD 36, Pos. 1: Noel Frame — U, SUB

House LD 36, Pos. 2: Liz Berry — U, SUB, TRU

House LD 37, Pos. 1: John Stafford — SUB

House LD 37, Pos. 2: Kirsten Harris-Talley — U, SUB, TRU

Senate LD 40:  Liz Lovelett — WB

House LD 41, Pos. 2:  My-Linh Thai — WB

House LD 42, Pos. 2:  Sharon Shewmake — WB

House LD 43, Pos. 1: Nicole Macri — U, SUB, TRU

House LD 43, Pos. 2: Sherae Lascelles — U, TRU | Frank Chopp — SUB

House LD 44, Pos. 1:  John Lovick — WB

House LD 46, Pos. 1: Gerry Pollet — SUB

House LD 46, Pos. 2: Javier Valdez — SUB

House LD 47, Pos. 1:  Debra Entenman — WB

House LD 48, Pos. 1:  Vandana Slatter — WB

House LD 49, Pos. 1:  Sharon Wylie — WB

House LD 49, Pos. 2:  Monica Stonier — WB


WA Referendum 90: Approve — U

King County Charter Amendment 1: Yes — U

King County Charter Amendment 2: Yes — U

King County Charter Amendment 3: Yes — U

King County Charter Amendment 4: Yes — U

King County Charter Amendment 5: Yes — U

King County Charter Amendment 6: Yes — U

King County Charter Amendment 7: Yes — U

King County Proposition 1: Approve — U

Seattle Transportation Benefit District Prop 1:  Yes — U, WB, SUB, TRU

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6 responses to “Who local transportation organizations endorsed in the 2020 general election”

  1. asdf2

    I’m interpreting the omission of the presidential race as a statement that the choice is too obvious to be worth mentioning, as it is hard to imagine anyone actually indifferent between the two candidates.

    1. Tom Fucoloro


  2. Jan Bird

    Nice family photo!

  3. Jessica

    I have a question that’s not really bike-related as far as I know, but endorsement-related: I’ve not been able to find useful information in the King County judge races. I read their candidate statements and briefly browsed their websites but can’t really distinguish between them (Doug North vs. Carolyn Ladd; Andrea Robertson vs Hillary Madsen). Any good sources out there on those races?

    1. asdf2

      I personally voted to re-elect all Supreme Court judges that struck down I-976. The ruling came down just in time.

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