The WA bicycle and pedestrian count has resumed + How you can help

Details from Maimoona Rahim at Cascade Bicycle Club:

After a short break, the Washington State Bicycle and Pedestrian Count is back! It’s happening this fall on October 20, 21 and 22 at a street or trail near you. To sign up today, head to:

Every year hundreds of volunteers across the state get up and out for the Washington State Bicycle and Pedestrian Count! At the last count 425 caring neighbors volunteered across 431 sites in 46 cities throughout Washington state! This is your chance to be a part of a statewide data-collection effort that will inform decisions about funding for sidewalks, trails, and bike lanes in communities all across Washington state, including yours.

Volunteers choose either a morning (7 to 9 a.m.) or evening (4 to 6 p.m.) shift and choose from the designated locations to document the pedestrians and bicyclists who pass by. After signing up, every volunteer receives detailed instructions. Sign up to volunteer today!:

What is the count data used for?
Every year, volunteers collect a massive amount of data that improves our understanding and informs decisions to make it safer to bike and walk across Washington state. This data is important for measuring the number of people bicycling and walking on trails, bike lanes, sidewalks, and other facilities across the state.

The data is made publicly available, and it is used frequently by governments, transportation planners, and non-profits to design projects, track changes, and to measure the demand and benefits of investing in active transportation. To learn more, visit WSDOT. To see where the data goes visit the WSDOT data portal.

This once-a-year opportunity provides policymakers with critical data. One of the best ways to help support infrastructure in your neighborhood or city is through this data count. Here’s the link to sign up:

Please share this with your network, friends and family so we can cover the whole state!

If you have questions, please email [email protected].

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