Seattle Bike Repair Mutual Aid connects folks with bike fixing skills to those who need to get their rides rolling

Do you need to get your bike rolling again? Do you want to put your bike tools and skills to work helping your community? Then Seattle Bike Repair Mutual Aid is for you.

The concept of the project is very simple: Collect info from people who need their bikes repaired and people who want to help, then connect them.

Elise Hirschi and Max Kauffman started the project after attending Cascade Bicycle Club’s Advocacy Leadership Institute program. They have graduated, but decided to keep their class project going. Hirschi also works for Bike Works, though she is working on this project in her free time. They have already made a handful of connections, and they are especially looking for more folks who need bike repair help.

The Federal government has essentially abandoned its people as they struggle to make ends meet during this crisis. Getting people’s bikes rolling is at least a way to help them get around town affordably and safely. We gotta come together and support each other, because things look like they will get worse before they get better. Access to a working bike won’t stand in for a functional and compassionate government, but it could help.

Whether you need some bike repairs or have fixing skills to offer, just fill out the online form. Details from Seattle Bike Repair Mutual Aid:

For those who need bike repair:
You will be asked to describe your bike issues, and organizers will do our best to connect you to a mechanic in your area who can help. We might contact you with clarifying questions about your bike.

For mechanics:
Organizers will connect you to folks in your area who need bike repair. We might contact you to confirm you are comfortable performing a specific repair. You will be responsible for the cost of any parts or components that you provide or purchase for the applicant whose bike you’re working on. If the issue escalates beyond your capabilities, you can refer the applicant to a bike shop. (Note – many shops are offering discounts on bike repair. For example, Bike Works in Columbia City is offering 50% off bike repair services to essential workers: and is providing free bike repair to folks affected by systemic inequities in the BikeMobile:

For a list of bike shops, check out this map from Cascade Bicycle Club:

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