Cascade program aims to train new bike advocacy leaders – Apply by June 1

Cascade Bicycle Club is launching a new program this summer aimed at training citizen cycling proponents to be Seattle cycling advocates. The Advocacy Leadership Institute will train 15 people how to effectively create an advocacy campaign that gets results and influences fellow residents and the government.

Seattle has seen an unprecedented explosion of new cycling advocates pop up in the past year. But instead of coming to cycling advocacy because they are recreational riders, commuters or are into bike touring, these new advocates come from neighborhood groups and neighborhood schools. They are demanding that we make cycling safe everywhere for everyone, and their message has taken hold in neighborhoods all across the city.

Cascade, to their credit, has been very supportive of neighborhood greenway groups. Instead of coming in and trying to “own” the new neighborhood greenway movement, Cascade has tried to hang back and help in the background where they can. They have also added much of the groups’ language to their own calls for bicycle infrastructure. You will rarely see a Cascade release these days that does not put family-friendly neighborhood greenways and protected cycle tracks front and center.

The great thing about neighborhood greenways and the city’s incredible recent bike-to-school efforts is that they have drawn many people to advocacy who have never been active in bike advocacy before. The Leadership Institute will be an opportunity for people to get an inside look at how successful campaigns work and learn tools for creating a strong, sustainable movement.

Applications for the free institute are due June 1. Here’s how to apply:

People of all ages, backgrounds, and bicycling abilities are encouraged to apply. To do so, please submit your resume and completed application by June 1 to Max Hepp-Buchanan, Advocacy Campaigns Manager ([email protected]). Interviews with selected candidates will take place during the week of June 11. Please call with any questions.

Download the ALI application.

Questions? Call or email Max Hepp-Buchanan (206-226-1040).

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  1. Max Hepp-Buchanan says:

    We also have an amazing line-up of guest speakers for this program to share their knowledge of how to effectively create the change you want to see on Seattle’s streets. We’ve confirmed about a dozen guests, including Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien, Washington State Senator Adam Kline (D-37), Erica C. Barnett (Publicola/Crosscut), Dominic Holden (The Stranger), Cathy Tuttle (Seattle Neighborhood Greenways), Blake Trask (Bicycle Alliance of Washington), and Brock Howell (Futurewise) — just to name a few!

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