Ask Seattle Bike Blog: We want your bike-related questions

Hey you! Yes, you in the mask. Do you have a question about biking?  It could be anything. Big, small, important, trivial, it doesn’t matter! Seattle Bike Blog wants to answer it in a fully-researched blog post and/or video.

My goal with Ask Seattle Bike Blog is to dive deep into your questions, providing far more information about them than you really wanted to know. What’s the point of [baffling thing]? How do I [do this bike thing]? How does [bike-related thing] work? Etc.

Questions can be about current events, history, infrastructure or anything that falls into the very broad category of bike culture. If in doubt, ask it anyway. You can even submit questions anonymously if for some reason you don’t want people to know you asked it. It’s like a sex ed question box…except for bikes. We look forward to reading and answering them.

This page will be linked in the navigation bar, so you can return here to submit questions any time.

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Founder and Editor of Seattle Bike Blog.
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