UW master’s student is surveying bike share users

Screenshot of one set of survey questions.

Did you use Pronto? Have you used the new bike share bikes? If you answered yes to either of these questions, University of Washington master’s student Luke Peters would like to hear from you.

Peters recently launched a survey in an attempt to better understand the lessons from the failure of Pronto Cycle Share and how the current private bike share services improve (or not) on the previous system.

It’s a pretty short survey, and you could win a Swift Industries bag. So if you have a couple minutes, fill it out.

More details, from Peters:

The University of Washington Sustainable Transportation lab is conducting a research study on bike share in Seattle. As part of this project, master’s student Luke Peters is surveying Seattle cyclists on their use and perceptions of the former Pronto bike share system and the new dockless bike share systems in Seattle. You are invited to complete this survey, link below:


In return for completing the survey, you will be entered in a drawing to win a bag from Seattle’s own Swift Industries, a local Seattle company which makes premium bags for on the bike and around town (a $160 value).

The goal of the research study is to determine what factors impact bike share ridership, to help Seattle and other cities improve bike share. Please help us to share this survey with other bike share users in Seattle. Thank you for your participation!

Any questions about the survey can be directed to Luke Peters at [email protected], or 608-235-8377 or Professor Don MacKenzie at [email protected], or 206-685-7198.

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3 Responses to UW master’s student is surveying bike share users

  1. Breadbaker says:

    Done. As one of Pronto’s most loyal customers (you may recall I was interviewed by a TV reporter who had waited all day for someone to come by on a Pronto and then they didn’t use it because my opinion didn’t fit the message they wished to convey), it was nice to be able to say positive (as well as negative) things about both Pronto and the new dockless bike shares.

  2. Dave F says:

    The “Proceed to Survey” link within the UW website isn’t working. Any way to alert the author to update the link?

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