Regional trails get a new brand: The Leafline Trail Network

The three Leafline logo options.

Logo options.

Puget Sound counties have selected one trail brand to rule them all: Leafline.

The new name will describe “a network of over 400 miles of wide paved trails connecting communities throughout Snohomish, Kitsap, King and Pierce Counties,” according to King County Parks.

The newly-created Regional Trails Coalition is creating this unified regional branding effort for trails, which could do a couple things. Most obviously, it could create some continuity for trails that cross county borders. That alone is probably worth the effort.

But a larger, less concrete effect of talking about regional trails as part of the same network could be that people start thinking about them all as part of something bigger. After all, an investment in a trail builds on investments in nearby counties, too. And county lines are irrelevant to someone just trying to bike around.

So a new logo isn’t exactly the most exciting thing on its own, but the sentiment behind it is pretty great.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post referred to a survey, which has since closed.

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2 Responses to Regional trails get a new brand: The Leafline Trail Network

  1. BILL SELLIN says:

    Has there been any discussion of calling paved bikeways or multi use paths “trails”?
    Trails are dirt – paths are paved… seems like being more accurate is important when paved bike path have standards in highway design manuals and recreational ‘trails’ are exempt from local liability or design standards, or ADA compliance…

  2. Bruce Nourish says:

    The proposed logos are somewhere between “meh” and “OK”, but this is exciting nonetheless. I hope they come up with some good maps to present the longer-distance trail system in a coherent way. Currently you have to stitch it all together with Google Maps plus disjointed maps on various county websites.

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