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Perhaps this exchange from a September candidate forum best sums up bike leanings among the District 2 candidates:

Seattle City Council Districts map.Tammy Morales has been consistent in her support for safe streets and bike lanes, so she gets the Seattle Bike Blog endorsement. She has also secured endorsements from many organizations working to improve walking, biking and transit in Seattle.

Washington Bikes wrote this glowing endorsement, for example:

During her campaign, Tammy Morales has been vocal in her support of making biking safer and more accessible, with a focus on racial equity in biking. Morales is motivated to address the reality that south Seattle currently has no direct bike route to downtown, and that fatalities for people on bikes is disproportionately larger in the south end. Morales highlights that her priorities will be to invest in the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan, and make our neighborhoods more bicycle friendly for kids.

The Transit Riders Union noted:

We know she’ll be a strong voice for workers’ rights, racial equity, and environmental justice. Tammy has also been a strong ally to TRU and the Trump-Proof Seattle and Housing For All Coalitions, and we are proud to endorse her campaign for District 2!

She has also been endorsed Seattle Subway (PDF) and The Urbanist.

Her opponent Mark Solomon is not out there constantly hating on bike stuff or anything (the primary bike hater in this race got crushed in the primary), he’s just clearly not angling to champion the cause like Morales. So vote Morales!

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7 Responses to District 2 Endorsement: Tammy Morales

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  2. Southeasterner says:

    This could possibly be the most critical council seat for cycling and walking in Seattle. Rainier is a death trap that has taken far too many lives, mostly minorities, with a response of words and no actions from SDOT, the mayor and the City Council. As a daily cyclist North of the ship canal that only occasionally rides in South Seattle I can’t think of a more critical piece of infrastructure that needs to be fixed than Rainier.

    Tammy and Mark should both be guaranteeing a solution for Rainier that prioritizes their residents and transit users rather than prioritizing the convenience of people from outside of Seattle bombing through at 50 mph.

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