I’m moving by bike Sunday, and you’re invited

This is how my bed got from White Center to the Central District.

Moving by bike is one of my favorite things to do. It turns a stressful day of trying to cramp stuff into a car or strapping things to the roof into a fun day of riding bikes around town with friends. Many bikes make light work, as they say.

I’ve helped friends (and even Cascade Bicycle Club’s office) move by bike, but I’ve never had a chance to do it myself. By the time I first heard about the idea, my spouse Kelli and I  were already living where we live now. So we have been waiting for this for the better part of a decade.

People with all kinds of bikes are invited! So are your friends. If you have a cargo bike or trailer, that’s obviously very welcome, but even your daily bike with a couple bags or a basket is helpful. Everyone will grab whatever they can carry, then we’ll all ride to our new place together. We’ll have coffee and donuts before the ride, then pizza and beer after.

RSVP via the facebook event it you plan on coming so we can get a rough head count of how many people to expect (you can also get the starting address there). Gather to start loading up 11 a.m. Sunday. We’ll be unloaded and eating pizza in Wallingford in the early afternoon.

The ride will be 4.6 miles from the CD to Wallingford. Most of it will be flat or downhill, but there will be a climb from the University Bridge to 45th St. We will be going pretty slow :-)

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below. Or you can email me at [email protected].

For inspiration, here’s a video of Cascade Bicycle Club’s office move by bike from 2014:

And here’s a wonderful old report from BikeTV (a precursor to StreetFilms) about a Portland move by bike:

On a personal note, I’m terribly sad to leave the CD after nearly seven years here. This is the longest I’ve lived anywhere since my childhood home in Missouri. Longtime readers may remember that I was also the editor of CDNews (RIP) for a couple years at the start of the decade. But we have a very exciting opportunity to help build a new backyard cottage with friends in Wallingford. Once that project gets going, I am going to tell you all about it. Maybe I’ll even start a new blog about it.

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5 Responses to I’m moving by bike Sunday, and you’re invited

  1. Ben P says:

    That does sound fun. I just moved myself. Sadly it was too far for bikes. Btw, for many parts of San Diego, my new home, are truly frightening to ride on. Seattle feels safe in comparison

  2. Tom Fucoloro says:

    Congrats on the move! Bike SD is an amazing org. Samantha Ollinger, the ED, is a great organizer. Totally worth your support :-)

  3. TheDude says:

    Hey Ben, Check out Circulate San Diego. I made the reverse move from SD to SEA 2 years back. There are cycling challenges in both cities, but I found more great urban rides in SD (Point Loma, SR 52, north along the coast, silver strand, etc.) than we have in Seattle.

  4. Adron says:

    Curiosity… I’m pondering providing appropriate beer supply and such for my upcoming move. It’s from a Ballard address to a Ballard address… anywhere to list/schedule this and ask the community for an assist?

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      You can post it to our events calendar: https://www.seattlebikeblog.com/calendar/

      It’s free to use. Once listed, you should also post the link here. I’d also suggest starting a facebook event and start passing that around.

      As for the appropriate amount of beer, hmm. Depends how hard you want to party :-)

      We just bought a couple 12 packs and then went on more beer runs as needed. The pizza was probably the most important part.

      I have a post coming about the move soon. So stay tuned.

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