Pronto releases a #SalmonBike into the wild

Promo image from Pronto.

Promo image from Pronto.

Pronto Cycle Share has released its third “unicorn” bike into the system: The #SalmonBike.

Like the bike share system’s popular Pride-themed “glam” bike in 2015, there is only one red-scaled #SalmonBike out of the 500 bikes in the fleet. If you find it, post about it on social media using its hashtag to be entered into a drawing for a variety of prizes from area businesses. Pronto will also donate $3 to Save Our Wild Salmon for each spotting posted to social media.

You can simply hope to happen upon it, but the odds aren’t great. If you really want to find it, you’ll probably have to go fishing by biking from station to station looking for it. Not a bad way to spend a day.

You only have until August 7 to find it.

More details from Pronto:

From July 15 – August 7, you can qualify to win prizes from sustainability-minded businesses, and we’ll donate $3 to Save Our Wild Salmon every time you use the #SalmonBike hashtag. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Catch #SalmonBike!
Where there’s a gill there’s a way! Find the fish as it migrates from station to station. When you see it: point, smile, wave, and…

Step 2: Take a photo!
Sockeye salmon selfie, anyone? Post a creative picture to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #SalmonBike. Make sure your profile or post is public so we can see when you’ve posted.

Step 3: Cross your fingers!
Weekly finners…er, winners…will receive up to a $225 value prize and will be notified via the social network that they post.

Up to $225 value prizes from:
Chaco Canyon Cafe
Essential Baking Company
Peddler Brewing
Seattle Tilth
Timbuk2 Seattle
Woodland Park Zoo

Click here for a complete list of prize descriptions.

Find those fins, Seattle. Let the salmon search begin!

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7 Responses to Pronto releases a #SalmonBike into the wild

  1. Jort Sandwich says:

    Well, it is admittedly a little unfortunate, given the normal association that “salmon” has with cycling, i.e. going the wrong way against auto traffic.

  2. Clark in Vancouver says:

    Way cool. And it’s spawning.

    I’m waiting for the bat bike!

  3. Conrad says:

    What about the one that somebody spray painted silver? Isn’t that the coho?

  4. Ben P says:

    Specifically for riding the wrong way on one way streets

  5. Steven Lorenza says:

    I already have a bike. It’s better.

  6. William says:

    “Pronto will also donate $3 to Save Our Wild Salmon for each spotting posted to social media.” – i.e., Pronto will redirect $3 of the tax payers’ subsidies to Save Our Wild Salmon and probably incur another $10 of overhead monitoring social media, that will also be charged to tax payers, everytime somebody posts a picture. Sounds great.

  7. asdf2 says:

    I stumbled upon the salmon bike at the Burke-Gilman/24th Ave. Station last night. But, really, gimmicks like these are just a distraction from the Pronto mission. I would rather see the Pronto folks focus their effort around improving the station locations. For example, moving the Montlake Triangle station to the top of the Montlake Triangle so take getting a bike in and out of the station doesn’t involve riding down a wheelchair ramp with tight switchbacks that was never designed for bikes.

    But, as for the promotional gimmick, I never bothered to take a picture.

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