G&O Family Cyclery finds new temporary Greenwood home

Photo from the Party to Save (& Grow) G&O by Taylor Kendall.

Photo from the Party to Save (& Grow) G&O by Taylor Kendall.

Great news from G&O Family Cyclery today: They found a new temporary home just a block north from their old spot that was severely damaged in the Greenwood gas explosion last month.

Not sure if they were going to be able to weather the storm, people rallied around the shop and raised tens of thousands of dollars to help them make it through. Seattle Bike Blog even partnered with Familybike Seattle and Peddler Brewing to throw a fundraiser, and hundreds turned out to party with and support the shop.

This is a very special shop, and I know they were determined to stay in Greenwood. So this is great news.

They hope to have the new shop open and fully operational “within a week or two.”

From Davey Oil:

Heya Friends!

Davey Oil here, from Gillies & Oil Family Cyclery.

Thank you for your support through this difficult time. The Greenwood Explosion was a shocking, damaging blow to our neighborhood and our bike shop. It goes without saying that we thank our lucky stars, guardian angels, and the heroes at Greenwood Fire Station 21 for the safety of our lives and bodies, and those of our neighbors.

The support, emotional, financial and collaborative, of so many customers, business partners and fellow-travelers in the cargo and utility bike movement has been inspiring, to say the least. We emerge from the rubble of this unexpected setback, buoyed up by your love and support. We will never take that love for granted. We will use the strength which you have leant us to work with you to build a better world.

Thank you.

This email is to let you know the address of the new, (temporary, but full-service) location of G&O Family Cyclery.

For this Spring, and as much of the Summer as we need to find and move into a newer, bigger, even better home, we are headquartered at:

8554 1/2 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Yeah! That is just up the street from our previous, blown-up location!
Greenwood Prevails!

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