Bike to dinner Tuesday to help fund Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

11742744_847537768662817_66824173657927102_nIt’s time for the annual Spoke & Food bike-to-dinner fundraiser. All you have to do is bike to one of a select number of restaurants or breweries around the city Tuesday evening and 20 percent of your bill will go to Seattle Neighborhood Greenways.

The event benefits different organizations each year. Last year raised $6,200 for Outdoors For All. So go to dinner and help do even better for SNG. They work hard to make our streets safer, so the least you can do is go to dinner for them :-)

Past fundraising numbers, from Spoke & Food:

  • 2014 $6,200 was raised and donated to the Outdoors For All Foundation.
  • 2013 $6,080 was raised for the Bike Works non-profit
  • 2012 $4,450 was raised for the FamilyWorks Resource Center & Food Bank.
  • 2011 $3,200 was raised for the Children’s Garden Program at Seattle Tilth.
  • 2010 benefited the Lettuce Link program at Solid Ground.

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5 Responses to Bike to dinner Tuesday to help fund Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

  1. I hope many Seattle Bike Blog readers can make it – this means a lot to our tiny nonprofit, it’s a great excuse to eat out, and it’s great to show restaurants that bikes mean business! :)

    Some common questions:
    1) You don’t need to tell anyone you’re part of the Spoke and Food fundraiser when you get to the restaurant.
    2) Even though it’s advertised as biking to dinner, feel free to walk or use other means.
    3) If you want to talk to someone about Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, most restaurants will have a volunteer host who can tell you about what we do.

    Thanks for posting

  2. Ballard Res says:

    This would be fun to do tapas style if the restaurants were closer together.

  3. Jon Kamrath says:

    Thanks Tom, got myb

  4. Harrison Davignon says:

    I appreciate the bike to dinner tuesdays and may bike month, how everyday be bike day? This would a great help in reducing traffic and making riding safer for all because of more bicycle awareness.

  5. Laura says:

    We got dinner to-go from The Barking Dog Alehouse. Happy to know some of the $ is going to a greenway project that I can ride in the future.

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