Bike News Roundup: The nation’s bikiest city with over 1M people

It’s time for the Bike News Roundup! Here’s a look at some of the stuff floating around the interwebs recently that caught our eye.

As always, this is an open thread.

First up, I bet you didn’t know Philadelphia is the bikiest US city with more than one million residents:

The Philadelphia Bike Story from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.

Pacific Northwest News

Halftime show! I’ve been saying, “Halftime show!” at this point in the Bike News Roundup for years, but this is the first time it actually features a football player:

National & Global News

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10 Responses to Bike News Roundup: The nation’s bikiest city with over 1M people

  1. Ben P says:

    The Seattle times article about car dwellers was interesting. But the comments where appalling. So many where accusing homeless of drug dealing and prostitution. I’ve hung around many homeless and never seen that. I see a lot more drugs with buddies at college. Other comments went along the lines of keep the trash out of my neighborhood. On one hand, I’m happy to see the anti bike sentiment in ST comments isn’t singling us out. It’s just more of the general mean spirit. But on the other hand, why are there so many nasty commenters?

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      That’s a pretty complicated question. I think a big part of it just has to do with the moderation and culture of the online space. The Times is such a general purpose source and they only have limited resources to dedicate to moderation that they just have to follow a set of rules (don’t be overtly racist, don’t say certain curse words, don’t suggest violence; etc) and the comment stays. This means the most dedicated and extreme commenters steal the mic, and most people with reasonable view points are pushed away and don’t bother contributing.

      Here, I try (though I’m definitely not perfect) to foster a more inviting atmosphere so more people feel comfortable commenting. That means not only banning the racists, but also trying to encourage people to be respectful even if they disagree. That’s my goal, anyway. I’ve noticed that SBB commenter are heavily male, which is a sign that I’m not doing everything right to make everyone feel invited. If you all have any ideas for how I can do better, I’d love your advice.

    • Gary says:

      People are mad because a lot things that have changed and it hasn’t made life better for them. I blame Faux news for some of this and the corporate takeover of politics that has in general scr*wed everybody everywhere in the name of more profits. So they vent where they feel safe. The anonymity of the ST comments.

      The key to changing this is to get them outside and exercising on “safe routes to school” because who is for running down kids? And oh isn’t this a nice place to ride to the park. And since I’m out for a ride, wouldn’t it be nice to stop and get a treat, and since we are here, lets pick up dinner as I don’t want to come back…. and you see where it all leads… communism… :) or Democratic Socialism ….

  2. Jonathan says:

    KOMO reported on the progress of the person bicycling who fell and was run over by a Metro bus on May 4. Glad to see he is making progress and has lots of support from his family.

    Seattle cyclist hit by Metro bus on tough road to recovery

  3. Al Dimond says:

    As far as biking to Tacoma goes… there are disconnected stretches of the Interurban Route between Pacific and Tacoma, but the gaps are pretty tough to navigate. The preferred route up the ridge to the short bit in Edgewood (56th Pl S/58th Pl S) appears to be closed for maintenance, and I don’t recommend Jovita Blvd (when I rode it pavement was rough and traffic was impatient). The wiggle between there and the stretch in Milton, on Enchanted Pkwy, is reasonably nice, in wide shoulders and crosswalks. But on the other side of that, once you’re dropped out on the road in Fife I don’t know of a great option. I rode 20th St E and that was pretty miserable. None of the other routes look clearly better, and they’re all longer. The 509 frontage road’s shoulder is actually marked as a bike lane… but that’s only between Alexander and Milwaukee. Maybe 70th-Radiance-54th-Levee-Frank Albert-Industrial? Then you have to get across the Puyallup, and none of those options look great. If only there was a nice route to the renovated bridge on E 11th…

    • Gary says:

      Hey Al!,

      You gotta think outside the bike paths… To bike to Tacoma, go first to West Seattle, then ride the ferry to Vashon, ride the island, then ride the ferry to Tacoma!… It’s not flat as that hill up from the North ferry dock is a killer and the rush of cars getting off the ferry is always bad, but it beats inland route.

  4. Zunaed says:

    To walk through your bike in Tacoma I think you should practice on the stony road or like that road. It will help you!

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