Anne-Marije Rook leaves Cascade to write about women’s cycling

Image from Cascade

Image from Cascade

Anne-Marije Rook is leaving Cascade Bicycle Club after many years working for their communications department and a year and a half as the club’s Communications Director.

Before joining Cascade, Rook worked full-time as a reporter for the Ballard News-Tribune and wrote about cycling on her Riding Reporter blog.

Now she’s going back to writing and editing about cycling full time as the new editor of Ella, the women-focused arm of the Australian-based CyclingTips news website. There, her focus will be on everything women and bikes (though with a racing edge) locally and internationally. She’s already been contributing to the site, but I’m excited for when she starts writing and editing full-time.

So, of course, that means Cascade needs a new Communications Director. They’ve listed the job on their website. Application deadline is May 29. Ability to handle the pushy Seattle Bike Blog editor a must :-)

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