Seahawks’ Michael Bennett launches charity foundation with bike ride

Photo by Corky Trewin, via the Seahawks.

Photo by Corky Trewin, via the Seahawks.

Michael Bennett’s bike ride seen ’round the world (or at least the United States) sparked t-shirts, Internet memes and became a symbol for winning a seemingly impossible game after the Seahawks’ remarkable comeback win in the NFC Championship game.

The defensive end borrowed an SPD officer’s bike and took a joy ride around the field during the post-game celebration, to the chagrin of this devastated young Packers fan.

Almost immediately, Bennett turned the attention towards charity. He and Seattle Police auctioned off the bike he rode to benefit the Seattle Police Foundation and OCEAN, a charity that fights childhood obesity.

Now, Bennett has launched his own charity foundation taking aim at childhood obesity, and he kicked it off with a community bike ride. Number 72 rode his bike around Bellevue’s Downtown Park with a group of kids from the Boys & Girls Club of Bellevue.

The Bennett Foundation‘s goal is “to fight obesity through community outreach, educational workshops, physical activity and nutritional programs.”

Here’s a short video from the event by King 5:

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2 Responses to Seahawks’ Michael Bennett launches charity foundation with bike ride

  1. WarOnCars! says:

    Can we please start an ad campaign that involves a dangerous/distracted driver hitting and killing a cyclist and getting out of the car to realize it is Michael Bennett?

    The next segment will show the Seahawks losing in the playoffs and everyone at the party giving the driver the stink eye.

    The message at the end of the ad will be something along the lines of, “If you’re a real Seahawks fan; take care around cyclists. It could be Michael Bennett.”

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