UW will fix tree root bumps along Burke-Gilman Trail


From a UW trail update email:

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 3.25.12 PM

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14 Responses to UW will fix tree root bumps along Burke-Gilman Trail

  1. Britt G says:

    That’s fantastic! Someone from the U finally RODE that section and after getting their rear off the ice pack said, “we’re going to fix that!” Glad to hear it and I’m certain the inconvenience will be a small price to pay for a hopefully-much-improved experience on this multi-use highway. Thanks to the crews and the U for addressing this! On the other hand, it took a very short time to break in my last Brooks saddle, so there’s that… :D

  2. Dan says:

    Is there any more detailed information on the location of the targeted areas? There are terrible stretches all along the trail where it runs through campus, but I imagine they won’t/can’t fix all of them in this round.

    • Gary Anderson says:

      I have been in communication with the UW about the BGT conditions through campus since last spring. After my contacting them the did go out and survey the trail and marked the worst areas with white spray paint — not enough to make the hazard noticeable to riders. I’m sure all the paint is gone now but at the time they had done a good job identifying the bad spots between Rainier Vista and Pend Oreille Road. Some of the worst spots are north of NE 45th — not sure if UW or Seattle responsibility.

  3. Virchow says:

    This rules. See UW does deserve its Gold medal for biking after all! I kid, I kid. But it is awesome and they are doing it while school is out, which is nice.

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  5. Rob A. says:

    Fantastic news! Now, if Seattle would follow suit on the non-UW portions…
    I’ve been taking Sand Point Way lately on account of hitting a nasty bump that was invisible in the dark. Screwed up my wrists and my bike.

  6. kpt says:

    They aren’t going to reverse the decision and put the tree roots back in after a week, are they? :)

  7. Alkibkr says:

    Congratulations, Tom, on winning the Greenways Champion “individual who has moast advanced the cause of safe streets in Seattle” award at the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways party last night. Well deserved!

  8. Alkibkr says:

    oops “most advanced the cause”….

  9. Kate Martin says:

    Some tree species heave asphalt worse than others. In general though, because asphalt is not a structural pavement like concrete, nearly anything like roots that that get’s under it or even things like seeds that drop onto it can cause trouble. That said, pines, birches, cherries and katsuras are the ones I notices that have super shallow roots and they quickly ruin paths and patios. When planning them, we should probably try to avoid the adjacency of those kinds of plants

  10. Gary Anderson says:

    Looks like nothing has been done so far.

  11. Rob Norheim says:

    I was wondering whether they meant “the week of December 15 *2015*”. Then I figured they would wait until the new Mason Road detour starts next month, so the work wouldn’t interfere with as many riders.

    However, this work is finally being done today. Looks like they got most but not all of the heaves that I have noticed.

  12. Dan says:

    Work has finally begun on the tree root bumps. They were out there working on the AM commute today. So far, they have been working the stretch between Rainier Vista and Pend Oreille, plus a bit past (north) of Pend Oreille toward 25th. The most vicious set of bumps, near the UW plant services building and motor pool parking area, had been marked with traffic cones for a couple months and have finally been ground down.

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