Hub & Bespoke shutting down Fremont storefront

Juliette and Aldan, the stylish folks behind Hub & Bespoke

Juliette and Aldan, the stylish folks behind Hub & Bespoke. Photo From H&B

Hub & Bespoke and Seattle Bike Blog have essentially grown together. They opened their doors on N 36th Street in Fremont around the same time this blog started in 2010. While we reported bike news and opinion for people using bikes as transportation, Hub & Bespoke was stocking their shelves with stylish accessories and clothing for folks to get around town on two wheels. They are also one of our most consistent advertisers.

So I was sad to receive word that Juliette Delfs and Aldan Shank are shutting down the storefront at the end of the year.

The Hub & Bespoke name is not going away entirely, however. Their website and online store will continue, and they will shift their focus to design and production of their in-house clothing, such as their women’s riding coat. Most of their efforts will be dedicated to women’s clothing lines.

But one of the coolest parts of Hub & Bespoke was their dedication to local designers and makers. It was a place you could go to see what Seattle-area makers are creating, and it was a place for small-scale designers to get their stuff on a sales rack. But the shop simply wasn’t making enough to support them.

So you have a month to shop there, and you’ll find their wares on sale. Clearly, a great chance to snag some gifts for all your bikey friends and family members. Here’s the announcement from Hub & Bespoke:

We are closing our doors at the Fremont shop on December 31st.

We did not make this decision easily. In so many ways, the Seattle storefront in Fremont has fulfilled our dream of contributing to the Seattle urban bicycle community. Sadly, after four and a half years, we have not been able to make the storefront viable enough to support us.

Our plan is to keep the Hub and Bespoke brand going via our website portal.

While the storefront focused on both men and women, Hub and Bespoke’s original mission was to serve the female rider, enticing her to consider using her bicycle for urban transportation. For her, there are still many unmet needs for apparel that offers function on the bike + suitability for an urban destination.

Building on the successful design and production of the Women’s Riding Coat, we will be focusing our time and energy on producing and marketing our own designs, primarily for the female bike commuter.

Starting today, Dec 1st, we are marking down all regular priced items by 25% off. Come help us close our doors while getting the stuff you need in time for the holidays!

Thank you for all your support through the years. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Here’s a photo from the end of a super fun Hub & Bespoke Bastille Day bike ride and picnic:


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8 Responses to Hub & Bespoke shutting down Fremont storefront

  1. SalPonce says:

    I really liked them and bought a few items from them.
    But I wondered if they were viable.

  2. Marge Evans says:

    I am always sad to see any small business close.
    I bike in spandex with a Shower’s pass jacket.
    My work attire is denim, closed toed shoes, and t-shirts. (travels in pannier)
    IMO their target audience doesn’t bicycle or the people that do bicycle, at least in Seattle, are not fashion conscience.

  3. Gary says:

    I’m sorry to see them go as well. May have been 5 years too early as the urban cycling scene is changing and the kind of clothes they sell are more suited toward people who don’t want to have to change when they arrive. (and ride short enough distances that it is possible.)

  4. Andrew Squirrel says:

    That’s a bummer. Both Juliette and Aldan are fantastic people and they did a great job on decorating the business and displaying products. I’ve always liked Hub & Bespoke in theory but found stopping by during business hours pretty difficult since I work outside of the Seattle core. The handful of times I stopped in I always enjoyed looking around but rarely found any clothes that really jumped out at me even though I’m totally on board the fashionable cyclist train. I remember one time suggested they should carry some of Levi’s commuter line which is a slightly cheaper alternative (but still in the realm of fashionable cyclewear) to some of the pricier offerings but they didn’t seem to keen on it.
    Glad they are continuing the business in an alternate form and look forward to seeing some of their attractive custom female clothing and wish them the best of luck.

  5. Elias says:

    I liked to go in there and browse but actually I found a lot of what I wanted to wear from other retailers. There’s been an explosion of companies providing nice, fashionable bicycle clothing, including companies like Levis.

    I wish them all the best.

    • Sven says:

      Yeah, and some of those companies like REI do direct rip offs of innovative local designs. Which is why we need to support our local independent businesses. H&B are a big part of bike culture and always fun to shop there. I am bummed.

  6. Jen says:

    Bummer. It seemed like a neat (but very niche) store the few times I was in there.

    I’m glad to hear they’ll keep producing the riding coat; smart move. I just got one and it’s great stuff.

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