Happy Park(ing) Day!

It’s Park(ing) Day! Hop on your bike, pull up the city’s online map of the day’s micro parks and have fun!

See our previous post for more info about the day. We’ll add photos throughout the day, so check back. And share your favorites in the comments below.

Here’s the Pronto Cycle Share park at 10th and Pike. Get a bike share glam shot and have Steve from Bike Works tune up your wheels for free.

A stage with bleachers at 10th and Pine.


Chill with a book and a bagel at 12th and Pine.


Learn about efforts to start a tool library at 14th and Pine.


Free conversation in front of Cupcake Royale. Also, silly hats.


Protected bike lanes on 9th Ave!


Beat your fastest Green Lake run time at Republican and Westlake (no toxic algae here).


Get a Polaroid while sitting on a Vespa in an Italian-themed park at Republican and Westlake.


Walk through three Washington State ecosystems in the space of just two parking spaces on Westlake at John.


I read banned books. Seattle Public Library has set up a garden of banned books on Bell Street.



Impossible putt-putt in Pioneer Square, Western and Columbia.


Rube Goldberg machine at Terry and Thomas (by Weber Thompson):

Hula hoop with Washington Bikes and Feet First at 1st and Jackson.


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8 Responses to Happy Park(ing) Day!

  1. Kristina says:

    I was only able to see three at lunch, the Freiheit & Ho Architects one, the Feet First, and the Jimi Hendrix one all in pioneer square. My favorite was the Freiheit & Ho one that included life sized Jenga. We took one turn and it didn’t topple it.

  2. Alkibkr says:

    West Seattle Bike Connections “car-free” parklet was challenged by a car illegally parked in our space for the first 40 minutes (Find It, Fix It app took care of that). But we still had great fun peddling up milkshakes, tossing bean bags, playing Twister, swordfighting with noodles, reading bike-themed children’s books, relaxing in comfy pillowed chairs and even completing a picture of a bicycle in a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. The generous support of a West Seattle arborist allowed us to entirely surround our park with potted trees.

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  4. RTK says:

    Well done to the folks responsible for the temporary 15th Ave NE bike lanes across Ravenna Park. They looked more natural than the normal line-less mass of asphalt where everyone gets to decide if there is two lanes or one. Got to experience it a couple times, once with the kids on Saturday morning and they thought the lanes were a great addition.
    I wish SDOT would take a look and decide to just make them permanent.


    • Jeff Dubrule says:

      I was one of the ones who built it… And I’m pretty proud that both Dongho Chang (Chief traffic engineer at SDOT) and the director of SDOT, Scott
      Kubly, both came and checked it out.

      There were a couple of imperfections, but it was well received by bikers, and caused no major SNAFUs for buses, trucks, or cars.
      Also, it costs no parking-spaces, at all, so this is as close to paintbrush-ready as it gets.

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