Wallyhood: School of Bike opens on Meridian

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 9.54.34 AMIt’s not exactly a bike shop, but if you want to learn how to fix your ride, would like to rent the bicycle workspace or want to take a workshop on building your own bike, Wallingford’s School of Bike could soon be the place to go.

Founder Cory Gassman has a lot of experience in the bike repair world. He founded and owned Milwaukee’s Cory the Bike Fixer bike shop for 17 years before moving to Seattle recently, Wallyhood reports:

This past Saturday, I rapped on the window of the new building at 46th and Meridian, across from Cutz, and met Cory Gassman, proprietor of the soon-to-be-opened School of Bike.

If you’re expecting another Gregg’s Cycles, with rows and rows of Treks and Specializeds ready to roll out, don’t. The slender space Cory chose for his shop can barely fit the handful of bikes he has on display and a few work benches, but that’s by design. There will be a handful of bikes on display, mostly those he’s built for himself and his family, but the idea is for them to serve as a reference and source of ideas for custom built bikes.

And no, he won’t be building the bikes custom for you: he’ll help you build it yourself.

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3 Responses to Wallyhood: School of Bike opens on Meridian

  1. Tory K says:

    This is fantastic! Any idea if this will operate like a co-op with a paid membership so you can just drop in to do self repairs, or will you pay per workshop/class?

  2. RTK says:

    I’ll be checking it out. Have the necessary tools and experience to do most stuff, but there are a few things that I’d like someone looking over my shoulder and offering guidance as I do the work. Teach someone to fish…

  3. Jessica says:

    cool! I have a bike but nowhere to work on it (don’t really want to get its road grime all over my carpeted apartment) so this will be a great addition to my neighborhood!

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