Wednesday: New2Biking event will talk urban cycling, even in the rain

logo-1New2Seattle is partnering with Cascade Bicycle Club and Velo Bike Shop to host an event for anyone looking for advice on urban cycling.

New2Biking, a free social and educational event, will go from 5:30 to 7:30 Wednesday evening at Velo Bike Shop (6th/Blanchard).

More details from the event listing:

Not just for newbies, this New2Seattle event is geared to equip anyone interested in biking in Seattle with the resources and local insights to safely bike Seattle…even in the rainy season!

Hosted by Velo Bike Shop at Via6, this will be a social education event with equal parts knowledge and socializing, complete with some nibbles and refreshing beverages.

Here’s just some of the knowledge Cascade Bicycle Club will be dropping on us!

  • Top routes for commuting and fun – maps
  • Nuances of bike culture in Seattle
  • Do’s and Dont’s of biking in Seattle
  • Biking Safety in Seattle
  • Laws on biking
  • How to interpret our bike lanes
  • What to check before your ride, what to check after your ride
  • Be seen and stay dry – what to wear, light recommendations
  • How to get connected in the community – CBC, group rides, etc.
In case you want to explore the nether regions of Seattle on your bike, Zipcar will join us to tell you all about their handful of bike-equipped cars which feature not only bike racks but also WA Discover passes for free parking in all State Parks.
So bring your questions and put on your social hat!  This promises to be a bikalicious evening, and what could be more uniquely Seattle than learning to get around by bike?

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3 Responses to Wednesday: New2Biking event will talk urban cycling, even in the rain

  1. Gary says:

    “stay dry”… Hahahahahaha…..

    Best I’ve ever managed is to keep the warm water close.

    (Shower’s pass jacket, showers pass commuter rain knickers or Pro rider’s pants, or Swerv water resistant knickers and neopreen booties. I can’t tell whether the jacket leaks or I sweat too much but I’m always soaked after an hour of riding…. )

    • Karl Johnson says:

      Exactly! The way I see it, you have two choices: wet from the inside out, or from the outside in. The first comes from wearing unbreathable (or nearly so) fabrics like rain pants and most rain jackets. Given that most of the time my commute only has light showers or not much more moisture than mist, I prefer to wear wool and breathable technical layers that stay warm when wet. Often I don’t get wet all the way through from the outside before I’m at my destination. I feel sorry for the people I see in rain pants and a slicker on the days when the forecast said rain and it turns out to be 60 and sunny!

      • Gary says:

        Oh, I had layers on today. (Wool Jersey from but I had looked at the radar image and it looked like a huge storm coming up, so rather than stop unlayer, ride until rain hits, re-layer up. I just shouldered on. Turns out that front wasn’t moving and I would have been better off just unlayering after that first 5 minutes of rain….

        Oh well. The ride home looks “dry”… we’ll see if I make the same mistake in reverse and don’t stop to layer up thinking it’s only 2 more miles to home….arrive soaked.

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