Mother of teen struck while walking across MLK at Walden pleads for driver who fled to come forward

A family is devastated and a mother is heartbroken as her 15-year-old son fights for his life in a hospital bed.

He was struck while crossing MLK at S Walden St around midnight last Friday while walking home from late night open gym hours at Rainier Community Center.

His mother went on KIRO TV to make a heartbreaking plea for the person responsible to come forward so she can at least have answers.

“I don’t understand for the life of me how you can hit someone and not know if they’re dead or alive,” said the victim’s mother, Quianna Holden.

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6 Responses to Mother of teen struck while walking across MLK at Walden pleads for driver who fled to come forward

  1. Van says:

    That poor child, he sounds so much like my own older brother. I hope you come back Trayvon Holden, I hope you recover and you see the person who hit you as they are sentenced for their crime.

  2. MikeG says:

    It is very disturbing the driver fled the scene and left an injured child laying in the street. The driver will eventually be caught–it may take a year like it took to find Mike Wang’s killer, but when they do, I hope they get sentenced to a long prison term.

    Condolences to the family for their suffering while their child remains in critical condition.

  3. Frank says:

    Thanks for publishing this on your blog, I think her son’s story deserves more coverage. I don’t really understand why this incident hasn’t garnered the public reaction that other, similar hit-and-run incidents have. I found Ms. Holden after simply speaking to people in the area of the accident. It was awfully sad speaking to her. I hope the driver who hit her son is found.

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