Karlyn Beer: ‘We’re all sharing the road. Let’s be on the same team’

Karlyn Beer, who we spoke with over the weekend shortly after she was struck by an apparently drunk driver on Westlake Ave, went on KOMO News to share her story.

Her hand still bandaged after her thumb was severed at the nail in the collision, she brought of a message of calmness and care for others on the road:

“We’re all sharing the road. Let’s be on the same team.”

Beer said everyone — cyclists and drivers — needs to work together to make sure the roads are safe.

“We need to be careful just like drivers need to be careful,” she said. “We’re not at odds with each other.”

Thomas Brady, 57, is suspected of striking her while driving his pickup truck intoxicated. He has a prior DUI arrest on his record from 2004, but he pleaded it down to a lesser charge, KOMO reports:

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5 Responses to Karlyn Beer: ‘We’re all sharing the road. Let’s be on the same team’

  1. lacus says:

    Today, the 23rd, police are handing out tickets ($103) to bikes who ride onto the one-way at about 2400 Westlake N from the previous two-way (heading north) of what is thought of as a parking lot but is actually a city street.

  2. Law Abider says:

    I bike pretty much the same route as her (Ballard SLU) and will never bike Westlake for similar reasons: too many oblivious drivers going way too fast (whether drunk, tired or on their phones). Even though it’s my right to bike on the road, it is way too dangerous of a road and I would much rather bike in the parking lot any time of day. Maybe this unfortunately incident is what is needed to get the Westlake cycle track jumpstarted into high gear.

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