Didn’t get an STP spot? West Seattle is holding its own (SW)Seattle-to-(SW)Portland ride

Poster modifications my own

Poster modifications my own

Cascade Bicycle Club’s 200-mile Seattle-to-Portland Classic leaves town Saturday morning. But if you didn’t get one of the 10,000 available spots in the ride, don’t worry! West Seattle is holding it’s own Seattle-to-Portland ride Sunday, and it’s free.

It’s also a lot easier. Hosted by West Seattle Bike Connections, the ride will travel proposed neighborhood greenway routes all the way from SW Seattle Street to SW Portland Street. That’s more than four miles!

The ride will then loop back and head to the Junction for West Seattle Summer Fest and a post-ride discussion. The ride is family-friendly.

Details from West Seattle Bike Connections:

Family friendly West Seattle Bike Connections ride supported by West Seattle Spokespeople and Cascade Bicycle Club.  Ride from Seattle to Portland and back in just 1 morning!

Meet on Sunday (7/14) at 9:45am at Hamilton View Point on California Ave SW to sign in, and be ready to roll at 10:00 on a 9.5 mile easy pace ride via proposed Greenway routes from SW Seattle Street in the Admiral Neighborhood to SW Portland Street in the Fauntlee Crest Neighborhood.

Experienced, certified ride leaders Stu Hennessey and Marge Evans will keep the group together and ride at a social pace. No one left behind. Ride continues on from SW Portland to California and Alaska (the West Seattle Junction, that is) to join the West Seattle Summer Fest. We’ll be at the Greenlife Stage for post ride discussion or routes and bike riding improvements proposed in the Seattle Bike Master Plan update.

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  1. And yet another option, if you’re not STP-bound July 13, is to take part in the 11am-ish inaugural ride on Seattle’s 1st Urban Cycle Track, at the Linden Avenue North Complete Street Celebration this Saturday! The event begins at 10am with music, mingling, free raffle tickets to the first 200 people (prizes include $75 bike tune-up from Gregg’s Cycle) followed by comment from the Mayor and project partners, a ribbon-cutting, and the inaugural ride at the sound of the whistle! Bring the whole family to enjoy seeing newly installed artwork alongside the track inspired by the Playland Amusement Park that used to be in the area, while eating popcorn made fresh on a push-cart and watching an area youth drill team perform. :)

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