A drunk driver almost killed her while she trained for the 2008 STP, now Kathi is ready to finish what she started

Cascade’s Anne-Marije Rook today features the inspiring story of Kathi Sturgeon, who was struck by a drunk driver five years ago while training for the 2008 Seattle-to-Portland Bicycle Classic.

Though she was not expected to survive, Sturgeon fought back. She is still in physical therapy, but she has come so far that she is finally ready to set out and bike the 200 miles between Seattle and Portland.

Training to get back on a bike has been about so much more than just cycling for her. It’s about getting her confidence back after going through unimaginable trauma at the hands of a negligent person.

Below is an excerpt from the story, but I highly suggest reading the full thing:

“Over these past months of training, I have seen [bicycling] help me develop my confidence and not just confidence on the bike. My balance has also increased while I have been cycling. Since my legs are stronger, I am even walking better,” Kathi stated.

For Kathi, crossing the STP Finish Line on July 14 will mean that her life has come full circle.

“It means so much coming back from being hit and nearly killed while training for the ’08 STP, to be back on the saddle and riding the 2013 STP. In spite of all that I have been through, this ride became a reality, said Kathi. “It means that God still works miracles. It means I am very grateful to have had more life left to live. To cross the finish line will be the culmination of a lot of hard work, perseverance, as well as the love and support of others.”

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