RIP Lance David

Coworkers and friends of Lance David biked together from Lance’s 3rd and Madison workplace to a memorial at the corner of E Marginal Way and S Hanford Street where he died Wednesday.

Rest in peace.








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4 Responses to RIP Lance David

  1. Scott Noe says:

    Thanks for showing up today. I’m glad someone from the cycling community was there to make a record of it. Lance will be missed.

  2. Don Brubeck says:

    Great to see so many from Expeditor’s there. Expeditors moves freight. Just like the truck driver. Their employees ride bikes to work. It is not “us” against “them”. It is all “us”.

    If you would like to ride to honor the memory of Lance David, and show your support for safe streets, a community memorial ride is scheduled for Tuesday, May 7, starting from Seacrest Park, West Seattle at 5:30 pm. Slow pace, on the Alki Trail and West Seattle Bridge trail to East Marginal Way and the site. Organized by West Seattle Bike Connections, West Seattle Greenways, West Seattle Spokespeople and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways. Details at

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