West Seattle Blog: Have you seen this bike thief?

West Seattle Blog reader photo (used with permission)

Photo by West Seattle Blog reader (used with permission)

A West Seattle Blog reader sent them the above photo, captured on a security camera in an East Alki condo building. Police and the bike’s rightful owners are trying to figure out who the apparent thief is.

If you have any information about him or the bike, contact the police.

But bike theft news in West Seattle is not all dreary this week. West Seattle Blog helped recover a stolen ride yesterday.

In fact, David was the victim of a bike theft several years ago, as well. In both cases, a West Seattle Blog reader spotted the ride across the neighborhood and reunited David with his wheels.

Advice from WSB: “Another reminder that our peninsula is one big neighborhood – so something that is stolen or lost might turn up miles away *(5, in this case) – report it to police, tell your Block Watch, but then let us know too so the word can get out peninsula-wide.”

I nominate West Seattle Blog as the bike-recoveryest neighborhood blog in Seattle.

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  1. Shirley says:

    So this guy went into the building to take it? Was it locked to something?

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