Ballard brewery will have bike station, indoor bike parking (with your help)

A small brewery with a free public bike repair stand and parking for nine bikes INSIDE the tasting room? This magical business could become a reality in Ballard soon.

The folks at Peddler Brewing Company (see our previous post) are working to get the bike-loving brewery up and running, and they need your help to make some of their bike dreams come true.

So if you want to help them complete the brewery and tasting room (or if you just want a public bike stand at Leary and 15th), then contribute to their Kickstarter campaign. Details:

So, why do we need your support??? We’ve paid for all of the construction and building costs out of our own pocket, working full time jobs and doing all the construction and building up of the brewery ourselves in our evenings and weekends. We truly are putting our heart and soul into making this brewery a reality. What we need help funding are the final start-up costs that get our delicious beer in your face and your bike back on the road. These include:

  • Purchasing growlers and 32oz bottles with our logo for our growler/bottle exchange.
  • Purchasing and installing a bike work station that will include a stand, tools, and a pump for public use.
  • Purchasing and constructing furniture and glassware for the tasting room. We will be buying chairs and pint glasses to use and will be building the tables and bar for the tasting room.

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6 Responses to Ballard brewery will have bike station, indoor bike parking (with your help)

  1. Sarah says:

    It’s a shame they didn’t think to call it “Pedaler” Brewery instead of “Peddler” Brewery.

  2. Andres says:

    I might be more interested in this if it were in, say, Fremont or UDistrict. Biking to/from Ballard is unpleasant, so I try to avoid it and instead patronize other places. The residents and businesses have made it clear that they don’t want my money as a cyclist, in the form of pushback against greenways and the missing link.

    • Mondoman says:

      This place is at 15th, so you don’t even have to brave the Missing Link. Just turn north at the current end of the BG at Fred Meyer, cross over Leary, and head west for a few blocks to the brewery.

  3. Kevin in Ballard says:

    But we have to support businesses that support bicycling, yes?
    Agree w/ Sarah – could this have been a serious spelling under while under the influence??

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