City repairing Burke-Gilman Trail near Matthew’s Beach

The city is making repairs to the Burke-Gilman Trail near Matthew’s Beach all week. The work will address the many tree root bumps and cracks, and crews will avoid major commute hours.

From SDOT:

Paving crews from the Seattle Department of Transportation plan to repair the pavement this week on the Burke Gilman Trail by Mathews Beach, between NE 97th and NE 110th streets. They plan to work from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on December 4, 5 and 6, as weather permits. The trail will remain open and traffic flaggers will assist bicyclists through the area.

The trail surface is in poor condition with potholes and damage from tree roots.

Map of the work area:

View Burke-Gilman Work in a larger map

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7 Responses to City repairing Burke-Gilman Trail near Matthew’s Beach

  1. Gary says:

    “traffic flaggers!” Wow the city is actually treating bicycle commuters the same as auto commuters! That’s got to be a near milestone, vs them just closing off the trail while they work, or setting up a few cones and a sign “walk your bike through here.”

  2. ag says:

    great news. the trail north of M. Beach is in poor shape.

  3. Al Dimond says:

    I came across a short closed section late yesterday evening. The detour was a bit of an adventure, and required some caution. I’ll certainly appreciate a smoother surface, though!

  4. lunatiki says:

    I thought they were up to something when they had marked all the pavement in that area. This is much needed and greatly appreciated. Can they also do the rest of the trail from 110th to where the new pavement in LFP ties in? That section is also quite an adventure in the dark.

  5. ag says:

    hmmm… i didn’t get the impression from the SDOT notice there would be a detour. thank you for the head’s up. I will be there shortly.

  6. biliruben says:

    I had assumed they were just grinding the ruts like they did further south. I was wrong; they are ripping up and repaving. Yay!

    The detour is short, going into one entrance to the park and out another entrance. The northern bit has a 10 foot section of gravel, is steep, and has a tricky lip. Be careful out there.

    The detour didn’t actually go around the paving though, it didn’t seem. Was there a slide?

  7. ag says:

    after hours (post 5pm) no detour as the crews are gone. one section where the pavement has already been removed, the path is narrow, but otherwise good.

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