Riders haul 500 lbs of food on rainy Cranksgiving

Rain did little to stop the 40+ riders who pedaled all over the city collecting food to donate Saturday during Seattle’s third Cranksgiving.

The final haul was 500 pounds of food, all hauled by bike and all donated to Rainier Valley Food Bank. Riders had a list of food items to buy, food sellers to patronize and photo challenges to complete.

Neal from the Rainier Valley Bikers holds his team’s prize package

With their scores boosted by Patty Lyman’s penguin costume, the Rainier Valley Bikers squeaked out the win.

Riding a cycle truck designed by Georgetown-based Haulin’ Colin, my friend Danny won the most-hauled prize after his payload weighed-in at 89 lbs. He edged out Prof. Dave, who hauled 50 lbs in a Haulin’ Colin trailer.

It rained for nearly the entire ride, but that did not deter a wide range of folks from coming out. There were kids in bike seats and hanging onto the back of longtails, racers with lightweight rides, and folks with city bikes in it for a fun cruise around town. One team had an age spread from 2–66, though member Merlin Rainwater pointed out that the two-year-old didn’t help with the pedaling (the freeloader).

Big thanks to the event’s sponsors, including Detours, Alchemy Goods, Rainbow Natural Remedies, Rainier Bike Law, Caffe Delia, Bicycle Benefits, Melanie Foust Massage, Taking the Lane Media, Full Tilt Columbia City and Kelli Refer.

People were encouraged to post photos from the day via Facebook and Twitter. Here are some of those shots posted so far:

Madi from Family Ride posted about the ride on her blog, and Neal from AlleycatLife created this video:

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