Register your Park(ing) Day spot by September 4

A park in the Park(ing) Day Central Park in 2010 (formerly the People’s Parking Lot, now a huge building)

Park(ing) Day is coming up September 21. Have you registered for free with SDOT yet?

For those not familiar with Park(ing) Day, it’s a world-wide event where people reclaim public spaces currently reserved for car parking and turn them into mini parks. Creativity is encouraged, and “park” can mean whatever you want it to mean.

It’s great to see people reclaim and reimagine public spaces, one parking spot at a time.

If you do something bikey, make sure to let us know!

Here’s how you can apply without paying the street use permit fee, from SDOT:

Partnering with SDOT:

  • Choose two mid-block parking spaces on an arterial street, or one mid-block space on a residential street.
  • Notify nearby businesses about what you are planning.
  • Contact [email protected] by September 4:
    • If partnering with SDOT, give them a location description and the parking space numbers found either on the heads of meters, or on round metal plates bolted to the sidewalk.
    • Give SDOT a copy of your site plan. Use the (PARK)ing Day Standard Layout Plan to prepare it.
    • Rent and place temporary ‘no parking’ signs 72 hours in advance. Search the Internet for “barricades Seattle” or look in the telephone yellow pages under “Barricades.” These are mandatory. SDOT does not provide them.


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