Times op-ed: Remember Mike Wang by rethinking road behavior

As the one year anniversary of Mike Wang’s death passes, the courts are working to decide the sentence for the man who pleaded guilty to the hit and run that took his life.

Meanwhile, Doug Palm from PATH (where Wang worked) and Jamie Cheney (Executive Director of Commute Seattle) co-wrote an op-ed for the Seattle Times urging people to remember Wang by rethinking their road behavior:

Many lives were shattered that day. While the driver was recently caught and pleaded guilty earlier this month, the fact remains that Mike’s death altered the remarkable constellation of people who cared deeply for Mike, a photographer at global health nonprofit PATH.

Mike wasn’t the only person to die on a Seattle-area road last summer. The level of danger on our roads is still too high despite bicycle lanes and crosswalks. To prevent these kinds of tragedies, bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers alike need to pay attention.

Sharing the road requires patience and consideration for each other, and it requires knowing the rules of the road for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. When these are absent, everyone’s safety is affected. If it is not safe to walk across or bike on our streets, we all feel the impact of more congestion and less health and wellness.

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