Bike-friendly primary election open thread

It’s already time to start voting in Washington. Seattle Bike Blog is in no way prepared to publish endorsements, but we encourage you to use this post to discuss the upcoming primary election.

Ballots are arriving at homes across the state. Which races are the most important for biking? How should people vote?

To jumpstart the conversation, here’s Cascade Bicycle Club’s 2012 Legislative Scorecard. You can also see a list of the club’s endorsements here.

Leg Scorecard 2012 Web

UPDATE: Craig Benjamin from Cascade says these are the races the club is concentrating most heavily on:

We see Brett Phillips in the 36th and Jessyn Farrell in the 46th as two very important primary races (we’re working to help both emerge from crowded primary fields). For the general, those two obviously (hoping they make it through), Andy Billig and Jon Snyder (hoping Jon makes it out of his crowded primary) in the 3rd, Mark Mullet in the 5th, Jake Fey in the 27th, and Hans Dunshee in the 44th are important and will all likely be close races.

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3 Responses to Bike-friendly primary election open thread

  1. Brian Todd says:

    It’s not a legislature race, but Judy Ramseyer for KC Superior Court Judge is a cyclist, also a great person and would be a great judge. I’m voting for her.

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