John Mauro leaving Cascade, club searching for new policy wiz

John Mauro sent an email to acquaintances announcing his resignation as the Director of Policy, Planning and Government Affairs at Cascade Bicycle Club. The position, previously held by now-mayoral staffer David Hiller, is a key position in the club’s political advocacy work on the city, county and state levels.

Mauro only held the spot for about a year before deciding to move to New Zealand with his wife. The club is looking for applicants until July 27.

From Mauro:

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

After nearly four years with Cascade, I have decided to move on.  My wife, Annie, has accepted a tenure-track faculty job at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and we’re going to give it a go in a country we both love.

It was a very difficult decision.  Cascade has been like a family and I’ve had a lot of fun here.  I’ve become a strong believer in the power of Cascade’s work and the strength of the organization.  I have been extremely lucky and to work with such amazing individuals and for a great cause.  And, of course, I have also been extraordinarily lucky and humbled by the opportunity to work with all of you in one form or another.

My last day with Cascade will be on August 15th.  We’re looking far and wide for a Director of Policy, Planning and Government Affairs.  Please spread the word and this job announcement, which closes July 27th.

If you don’t have extensive policy experience and are under 25, the club also has some AmeriCorps positions open.

Good luck, Kiwi Mauro!

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