Help improve BikeWise by taking UW research survey

BikeWise is an awesome tool with tons of room to grow. It already provides a space for people who have crashed or had a bike stolen a place to publicly report the incidents. The crash data in particular provides advocates and the city with valuable data on trouble spots.

There’s typically no police report if there were no other vehicles involved in an incident (like, for example, a solo crash caused by trolley tracks), so creating a record of such incidents is important. Once enough people use the service, it becomes clear where spot improvements are needed.

The service also allows people to report stolen bicycles and known hazards (from wheel-grabbing sewer grates to overgrown vegetation).

The site is a partnership between Cascade Bicycle Club and software developer Phil Mitchell. Now, some UW students are looking to help improve the service, and they need your help. Take their survey to help them get an idea of how people would like to use the service.

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