Bike Month Update: Bikes & Bagels Friday + Host a Bike to Work Station

Be sure to swing by McGraw Square on your way to work Friday because Commute Seattle wants to give you bagels and coffee.

SDOT will be on hand to get feedback for the Bicycle Master Plan update, and Mayor McGinn will say a few words.

From Commute Seattle:

Commute Seattle is having their second annual Bikes & Bagels event at McGraw Square on Friday, May 11th from 7am to 9am. Like last year, morning bike commuters can drop by for free bagels, cream cheese, coffee, and the chance to win fun prizes on their way to work. This year, the Seattle Department of Transportation will be on hand with one of the first opportunities for commuters to provide feedback as part of the Bicycle Master Plan update process. Special Guest Mayor Mike McGinn will be on hand to make some remarks about the update, as well.

Host a Bike to Work Day Station

Work at home? Work non-standard hours? Unemployed? Well, you don’t need to miss out on the Bike to Work Day festivities. Host a DIY Bike to Work Station May 18 and spend the morning chatting with folks and doing, well, just about whatever you want.

The region will be covered in stations, and yours can be one of them. Just check out Cascade Bicycle Club’s handy guide to get started. Once you contact them with your idea, your station will appear on the official Bike to Work Day Stations map. And if you are doing something unique, be sure to let me know either via email or in the comments below!

Step-by-step instructions for hosting your own station, from Cascade:

1. Pick a spot. Chose a great location where you regularly see cyclists. Your station should allow for safe access: don’t block sidewalks, trails or traffic. Make sure cyclists can cyclists can pull over safely to visit your station.

2. Come up with some creative ideas to make your booth engaging. Have fun with it! Some sample ideas are below.

  • Ask a local store to donate cupcakes.
  • Play a bike related game.
  • Create a map of visiting cyclists and their routes.
  • Sign a thank you note to your elected officials.

3. Contact Cascade Bicycle Club. To sign up, register your DIY Station to our interactive map, or ask questions, contact Mary Collins, [email protected].

4. Promote your station. We’ll list DIY community stations on our website, but it’s important to reach out to your community as well. Alert your neighborhood blog, invite your neighbors to roll by and post our downloadable flyer in local businesses.

5. Share your success. Let us know how it went with photos, data or feedback.

  • Keep a tally of how many people come by your station.
  • Take photos of your station
  • Collect stories, quotes and memories of the day

6. Join us. You are clearly committed to both bicycling and your community. So is Cascade Bicycle Club. We invite you to join Cascade in creating better communities through bicycling.

That reminds me, somebody definitely needs to host a “Bike to Funemployment” party somewhere after everyone else has gone to work May 18. After all, biking is great when you’re unemployed, too!

It’s official, says the Gov

Check it out (via the Cascade blog):

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  1. Gary says:

    “Whereas I am no longer running for office, I can pander to bicyclists and not worry about hate mail….” Sheesh where was the Governor on bicycle issues for the last 8 years?…. Nowhere.

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