Parks Department recommends making Bike Polo a permanent court use

Polo players build a wall for the Judkins Park bike polo court.

Following an 18-month pilot program, Parks Department staff recommends permanently designating courts at Judkins and Cal Anderson Parks for “alternative uses” like bike polo, Capitol Hill Seattle reports. If approved, the city would more or less officially designate the Judkins Park tennis courts as bike polo courts. It would also open the door for other court uses, like roller hockey.

Bike Polo players have already staked a claim to the Judkins Park courts by building boards in the middle of the court. The Parks Board of Commissioners — a volunteer citizen advisory committee — will discuss the recommendation at their May 10 meeting. After that, the Parks Superintendent will have the final say.

In the 18 months since the pilot program began the city only received four calls in opposition to the alternative uses, including a couple people upset about non-tennis uses at Judkins. However, due to the presence of several better tennis courts nearby — including some just down the trail in Sam Smith Park — Parks staff is not too concerned for tennis users.

The decision comes months after 206 Bike Polo hosted the 2011 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships, which brought players from all over the world to compete in a tournament in Magnuson Park. In the end, a team from Vancouver, BC, took the title.

Here’s the Parks memo:

Alternate Uses Final

Details about the Parks Board meeting, from Seattle Parks:

Seattle Park Board to hold special meeting to consider alternative uses of tennis courts pilot project

The Seattle Board of Park Commissioners will hold a special meeting a 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 10 to consider the Alternate Use of Tennis Courts Pilot Project.

The meeting will take place in the Park Board room at the Parks Administration Building at 100 Dexter Ave. N (at the corner of Dexter and Denny).

The meeting agenda includes a staff update on the pilot followed by a public hearing and Board discussion and recommendation. Written testimony is welcome through Friday, May 4 to [email protected].

Project background: At the October 28, 2010 Park Board Meeting, the Park Board approved an 18 month Dodgeball/Bike Polo pilot program to be held at Bobby Morris Tennis Court #1 and Judkins Tennis Court, ending April 30, 2012. Parks staff have reviewed the activity during the pilot, and the staff briefing paper will be available online at on April 19.

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    On Earth Day, I decided it was a beautiful day to go out for a ride and take some pictures. So what I did, is I strapped on my GoPro camera and took pictures of my whole bike ride from Log Boom Park in Kenmore, through Seattle, and ending in Ballard, and work my way back.

    The trip was enjoyable and the people were friendly. I got a quite a bit of waves and hellos from fellow cyclists, and pedestrians. I just biked along the Burke-Gilman trail and wanted to share my ride with others to hopefully encourage others to bike and explore their city.

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