Wrench Bicycle Workshop now open on Dexter Ave

Dexter Ave now has a bike shop. The city’s top bike commute route got a fantastic redesign this year, and now a repair-focused shop has moved in. Wrench Bicycle Workshop opened this month at 1305 Dexter Ave. N.

The shop was started by Buck Hazard and Greg Mackenzie, who have been wrenching on bikes for years. Oh, and the shop has a loaner bike in case you need repairs, but really need your wheels. Awesome.

More about Wrench from The South Lake:

Finally! A small, independent repair only shop and it’s right here in South Lake Union!  WRENCH aims to attract bicycle commuters, enthusiasts and neighborhood residents into their workshop.

Buck and Greg, co-owners of WRENCH are pros at what they do and have responded to the area’s need for quality bicycle service. “We wanted to make bicycle service the focus of the shop, not an afterthought to accessories or bicycle sales,” said co-owner Greg Mackenzie. “Our mechanical ability is unparalleled. Our knowledge base is not limited to one style of riding or bicycles; we are able to diagnose, repair, or rebuild any type of bike.” Wrench focuses on developing a devoted client base that seeks professional, timely bicycle servicing.

Shop location:

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9 Responses to Wrench Bicycle Workshop now open on Dexter Ave

  1. RTK says:

    Loaner bike, good concept. The problem is they don’t open until 10AM, tough to drop off the bike on the morning commute and pick it up in the evening. Still, kudos for the concept. Maybe you could reserve it ahead of time and be given some code to release it from a locked bike box. Insert your bike and continue with your commute. It would be there ready to be worked on when the shop opens.

  2. Yorik says:

    I love the loaner bike idea. It’s an excellent perk and I hope it works out, I’ll be sure to stop by this shop when I’m in the neighborhood and need some work done.

  3. Gary says:

    So these American guys work with both their right and left hands right? After all they are “ambidextrous!” (Two Americans working on Dexter Ave.)

  4. Mark says:

    Those guys are the best! I stopped by there today and they fixed my bike right then and there!

  5. Luke says:

    These guys know their stuff. Every time Greg or Buck go through my bike it rides like new. MTB or Road, don’t matter, they know everything there is to know about bikes.

  6. Xtopher says:

    Mackenzie is a god damned magician. Superb.

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