Have a bike stolen recently? Flip through these photos to see if SPD has it

Capitol Hill Seattle reports that a year-long SPD theft sting has resulted in 48 arrests so far and lots of recovered items, many of which are bikes. So if you have had a bike stolen in the past year, you should flip through the photos of 437 items SPD has posted on Flickr to see if its there.

Click to flip through all 437 photos in SPD's recovered property Flickr set

Because of the nature of the fake shop, a style of operation SPD has not attempted in 30 years, much of the recovered property could not be returned to owners for fear of blowing the shop’s cover. From CHS:

A byproduct of the extended operation is that most of the stolen goods couldn’t immediately be returned to victims of burglaries and auto thefts for fear of alerting the suspects to the investigation — especially in the several cases where the goods were stolen from relatives and friends.

SPD has set up a Flickr set of unclaimed goods from the operation here. If you see your property in the set, call (206) 773-9616. You’ll need to have reported the item stolen or have proof that the item was yours like a picture of you with the item.

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2 Responses to Have a bike stolen recently? Flip through these photos to see if SPD has it

  1. Jessie K. says:

    This has been blowing up the Georgetown listserve since it broke yesterday. We’ve been lucky not to have anything stolen during these last few months, but it seemed like almost daily people have been reporting items gone missing.

    Here’s hoping that this stuff all gets back to its owners, and the SPD’s arrests help to stop our little crime wave! (Although, the fact that the center of the operation was in Georgetown sort of explains the wave, too…).

  2. Timmy says:

    Oh, yeah. That Cervelo P3. I totally left that one locked in the bikerack at school…

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