Anyone in Wallingford got a garage to help cargo/e-bike entrepreneur?

Wallyhood posted this email from a young person in Wallingford on the verge of starting a cargo bike and e-bike business. He’s got the tools and know-how to do Xtracycle conversions and install CleanRepublic (see my profile of them here) e-bike wheels. All he needs is a space.

Know of anything? Contact Henry via the LionTail website.

From Wallyhood:

As you know, I’m starting up a bike business dedicated to cargo bikes and electric bikes (and electric cargo bikes).  I have all the tools I need, a bunch of cargo bike attachments, electric bike kits, a website… but no space to work!

I have at least one other lead, but I’m curious — do you know of anyone in the Wallingford area with a garage or shed who might enjoy having me set up shop?  In return I can offer some rent money (~$150 a month), bike maintenance work, and the satisfaction of supporting a young person in living his passion. :)

Let me know if anything comes to mind.

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