Neighborhood greenways groups multiplying: Now forming in W, NE Seattle

The call for neighborhood greenways just keeping gaining momentum. Within just the past week, Central Seattle Greenways held its first meeting (post on that coming soon!), West Seattle Greenways has announced its first big meeting and NE Seattle Greenways is holding a formative organizational meeting.

The people behind the West Seattle group have already had some success, as the city has two Delridge neighborhood greenways on their to-do list. However, the group is looking to reach out to more of West Seattle. They are holding a meeting 3 p.m. Sunday at Pearl’s Coffee for people who want to learn more or get involved.

From the Delridge Community Council:

The city of Seattle has committed to funding eleven miles of greenways in 2012, and twelve new miles per year thereafter. Because of the work of several local advocates, two West Seattle routes are under consideration for 2012: 21st ave SW between the West Seattle Bridge and White Center, and 26th Ave SW along the Longfellow Creek Trail through North Delridge. This is just a beginning: we hope to form a vision of bicycle and pedestrian connectivity through West Seattle as a whole, and prioritize greenway routes for future development.

Please join us at Pearl’s Coffee in North Delridge this Sunday, Feb 19 at 3pm. We’ll meet with neighbors from around West Seattle to begin discussing our vision for bicycle and pedestrian routes throughout our part of the city. Plan to buy a coffee or sandwich to help support a great local business. We hope to see you there!

Time: Sunday, February 19, 3-5pm
Location: Pearl’s Coffee, 4800 Delridge Way SW (map)

NE Seattle Greenways (working name) is in the early stages. Initiated by Andres (a longtime Seattle Bike Blog commenter!), the group is holding a meeting 11 a.m. Saturday at Zoka Coffee (2901 Northeast Blakeley St) to discuss things like what areas should be included, what potential partnerships exist (Seattle Children’s, obviously) and to find people who want to get involved.

First order of business: How far should its boundaries stretch? It will have Ravenna, Bryant and View Ridge, for sure, but it could also be a lot bigger and include everything from Sand Point to Roosevelt and Laurelhurst to Wedgwood (here’s the city clerk’s map to give you an idea or where the boundaries roughly lie).

Friday. Lucky kids.

On top of all this, groups promoting biking to school are really picking up steam, especially at Eckstein MS and Bryant Elementary. The Eckstein kids are even getting free Top Pot doughnuts Friday just for biking to school. THAT’s good marketing (both for biking and Top Pot)!

There are several other schools in town with active bike trains and walking school buses. With Seattle Public Schools making a safe route map for every K-8 school and citizen groups forming all over town, this is a great time for interested parents to get involved and build momentum behind biking and walking to school.

To finish this post, here’s an awesome little video from a Seattle art class using bike tubes. My art classes definitely weren’t this cool.

Bike Art, Activity Day from green levine on Vimeo.

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5 Responses to Neighborhood greenways groups multiplying: Now forming in W, NE Seattle

  1. Jake says:

    Thanks for the link to our West Seattle meeting, Tom!

  2. Clint says:

    Tom, thanks for reporting on the bike to school work, as well as the new emerging greenways efforts. There is a ton of synergy between these two movements… what could be a more compelling reason and vision for a greenway than a safe and park-like route for kids to bike or walk to school every day!

  3. Frank says:


    Thank you for what you do. The Bryant Elementary Group has set a high bar for Bike to School program breadth and participation, and now that they’re helping with the budding Eckstein Bikes! program, we’re getting up to speed quickly. The Greenways Initiative is the other piece of the puzzle! You mention Bike Trains, and those are starting at Thornton Creek Elementary and Wedgewood in the spring with a kickoff meeting in mid-march. It’s getting easier and easier to envision kids and families on bikes as commonplace, and there’s nothing common about that.

  4. Rob says:

    Please let us know how to contact NE Seattle Greenways or Andres.

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