Help the Bikery keep bike maintenance inclusive and affordable

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The Bikery is a volunteer-run, inclusive bike project located in a strange vortex at 14th and S Main St where the Central District, International District and Yesler Terrace meet. For years, the Bikery has provided affordable parts and shop space for people to keep their rides rolling and learn bike maintenance skills from each other in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

But the Bikery needs your help. They are looking for more members, especially queer folks, women and people of color. They are looking to restart their Queers! Gears! And Cheers! repair days, but they need more volunteer staff to help get it off the ground.

The Bikery also needs cash for rent. They have a bunch of affordable bike parts and bikes for sale, and you can use the shop’s tools and space on open days for a suggested donation of $5 an hour (or more!). And, of course, you can help them out by simply donating money or needed shop materials.

These days, the Bikery is open Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. But with your time and expertise, they could be open even more…

From Benji at the Bikery:

we’re seeking more collective members, especially encouraging more queer folks, women, and people of color, as we’re needing more staff to keep up our hours and to restart our Queers! Gears! And Cheers! day (a queer-focused space to help demystify bikes for folks outside of mainstream bike culture). Also, we’re having some financial difficulties, and we only have enough $$ to last the next few months, and we’re now selling a whole bunch of really nice parts and cool bikes for super cheap. Stuff available can be seen at

Map to the Bikery:

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6 Responses to Help the Bikery keep bike maintenance inclusive and affordable

  1. Andrew says:

    What are the hours for the shop? Having a hard time finding them on the website.

  2. Rae Wiseman says:

    The Bikery has greatly enriched my life. The opportunity to share my mechanical skills while participating in community building and conscientious social networking has provided me with countless important life lessons. I sincerely hope this organization continues to offer an accepting and educational environment for many many moons to come.

  3. Troy says:

    A few things that would dramatically improve the Bikery’s potential to fund its self would be to:

    1. Better Signage
    2. Clearer website
    3. Get a Booth at some of the bike events around town (I know this costs money but I am sure they could get someone to help work with them on that)
    4. Get volunteers to work a repair booth at some of Cascades rides.

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