Biking Bis: Registration for 2012 Cascade rides starts today

Looking to prevent the server melt-down that happened last year when hundreds of people tried to sign up for the Cascade Bicycle Club’s many popular annual rides at the same time, the club is staggering registration and making several rides lottery-based instead of first-come, first-served. Registration for club members kicks off today for the Chilly Hilly, STP, Flying Wheels and RAW.

Any remaining spots in the rides will be opened to general public registration February 7.

Gene at Biking Bis put together a fantastic roundup of registration deadlines and event dates. Here is the registration schedule:

On Tuesday, members-only registration opens for Chilly Hilly, Flying Wheels, STP and Ride Around Washington (RAW).

On Wednesday, the members-only lottery opens for RSVP1 and RSVP2. This is a random draw, so there’s no benefit to be first in line. It closes Jan. 27.

On Jan. 25, the members-only lottery opens for Regional tours 1-5 and 9 opens; closes Feb. 10.

On Jan. 27, RSVP1 and RSVP2 lotteries close; winners will be notified.

Feb. 7, public registration for Chilly Hilly, Flying Wheels, STP, RAW and RSVP1 and RSVP2 will open, if spaces are available.

Feb. 29, members-only lottery opens for regional tours 6-8 and 10 opens; closes March 16.

March 27, registration opens for High Pass Challenge and Kitsap Color Classic opens.

Check out Biking Bis for more info.

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7 Responses to Biking Bis: Registration for 2012 Cascade rides starts today

  1. Smitty says:

    This reminds me of the George Carlin bit where he talks about the absurdity of having to make a reservation to sleep on the ground at certain wilderness areas.

    I’m glad Cascade events are well attended but I’m more glad to live in a place where I can roll out my driveway and go for a ride any time I want. I have family who live in rural areas where bikes are ridden by children on the sidewalk and at the park.

  2. Michael Snyder says:

    Tom, your link to BikingBis is broken.

  3. pqbuffington says:

    anyone having issues with the cascade web-site?

    • pqbuffington says:

      In case anyone experiences the same issue, here is CBC’s response/solution:

      “…make sure you are on the website and NOT Our website is about one-year old and if you are trying to use a several years old UN/PW, it probably will not work. This is why I would suggest going to and creating a new username and password (which probably can be the same UN/PW as you were trying to use anyways!)…”

  4. Doug says:

    I started looking forward to this years STP about fifteen minutes after finishing last year’s. It is a really fun bike ride – and I’m someone who usually rides his bike into the deserted woods to camp alone.

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